Innovation School Of Transformation is Holy Spirit-led School where students learn how to live in the Kingdom of God and extend its borders through a supernatural lifestyle. ISOT is more than just in-class biblical theory. We value and put an emphasis on hands-on training, practical biblical application, the supernatural power of God, interactive teaching, and experiential truth. This creates a culture where all of the students are equipped, empowered, and expected to take risks to stretch their faith and grow in their understanding of God. We work hard to cultivate and protect a culture where revelation flows. As a result, you will not be given just information but will receive an invitation to experience the fullness of Christ. Boldness, passion and risk are center stage at ISOT. These values define our atmosphere and are manifest in the way we worship and minister, as well as in our relationships with each other.


The school is designed to equip students to live a supernatural lifestyle, not just minister in the gifts of the Spirit. Students are encouraged to be naturally supernatural by bringing heaven to earth wherever they go. Therefore, we encourage you to live, work, and become a part of the community in Stockton and the surrounding region. In doing this you will be given the opportunity of bringing Jesus to the marketplace and seeing city transformation. Your class hours are learning opportunities with the instructors, but they are just a small part of the learning experience. The other hours consist of learning through homework, chosen required books, DVD, CD teachings, reading of the Word, attending services, serve on ministry teams, soaking & prayer times of personal devotion, living the supernatural lifestyle in an honorable way at work, and more. ISOT is not for the faint of heart or lazy. You will get out what you put in. It is an extremely fast-paced season of schooling, but the training is pivotal and strategic. We believe the intensity soon translates into “becoming” things that are at first foreign and done out of duty, gradually become second nature as students move from merely echoing a message to becoming the message.