Innovation School of Transformation is not an accredited, degree-granting educational institution with the State of California, and therefore students are not eligible for financial aid, student loans, grants or tax benefits.


Upon completion of all three modules of Innovation School of Transformation, you are eligible to apply to become a licensed minister under the Innovation Ministerial Network. You would be recognized also by the State of California as a minister to conduct weddings, funerals, and visit hospitals/jails.

After applying for licensing, and upon approval by the board of Innovation, your licensing ceremony would be held at the annually. Your licensing term is for one-year and you need to reapply each year with a brief renewal application.

Being a licensed minister is looked at with high honor and expectations, as you will give an account before God. You are considered a leader and teacher of God’s words and according to James 3:1 will be judged more strictly and 1 Timothy, Chapter 3 gives standards by which oversees should conduct themselves. The standards that are required for licensing under Innovation Ministerial Network are notated on the license application.

We would love for you to consider becoming a licensed minister, as it is an honor and privilege to serve the Body of Christ. Let’s change the world and make history together!


PLEASE NOTE: The board of directors have the right to revoke a license at any time for conduct or behavior that is contrary to the Word of God and the standards set forth by Innovation Ministerial Network.