Our ISOT curriculum is designed to support our core values and help the student come into a greater awareness of the Father’s love, sonship, healing of the heart, and the supernatural power of God. We cover a broad range of topics, but all are designed to help heal up and train up our students. So rather than tackle a bunch of topics at once we go after a monthly theme so that the student will be able to engage and fully grasp all that God is wanting to release to them.


Course 1: Unlocking Your Identity

Course 2: Living Healthy, Whole, And Free

Course 3: Kingdom Relationships

Course 4: Managing Your Righteousness

Course 5: Recognizing & Understanding The Voice Of God



Course 1: Practicing His Presence

Course 2: Power, Authority, & Spiritual Gifts

Course 3: Becoming A Catalyst For Transformation

Course 4: Developing A Prosperous Life

Course 5: Cultivating & Creating Culture



Course 1: Developing Your Personal Call

Course 2: Leadership Development

Course 3: Establishing Effective Communication

Course 4: Prayer, Intercession, & Spiritual Warfare

Course 5: Awaken The Dreamer